Growing Global Higher Education at the Margins

How can higher education be offered in refugee camps, war-affected regions or remote places? This was a big challenge ten years ago and a dream which JWL was determined to turn into reality. We took on this challenge, turning an idea into a pilot project which grew into a scalable, transferable and sustainable model for higher education at the margins.

What is JWL’s story? What do we do and how do we do it? How do we break barriers? How much do you know about the history of Jesuit education? Have you ever wondered about our current programmes and what might come next?

As we prepared to celebrate ten years of higher education at the margins and established our strategic priorities for the next five years, we decided to present JWL like never before – in  the form of a course!

Growing Global Higher Education at the Margins presents JWL using the imagery of a tree (roots, trunk, and crown). The Roots section looks at where we come from – our history, values, inspiration, what we do and want to achieve. The Trunk, or body of the organisation, presents how we work, our higher education model, programmes and student data. We then get to the Crown of the tree, where you will find out more about our students and the local/global community they form.

A final section presents all what is needed to nourish, sustain and grow higher education at the margins.

It will also be an opportunity for you to meet members of the JWL community, as we guide you through the different sections! Although it is structured like a course, it is up to you to select the units you want to know more about. You might stop at the ‘first level’ of information, or perhaps choose to delve deeper into certain topics. One thing is for certain  - making your way through the Growing Higher Education at the Margins  course will provide you with an in-depth experience of JWL’s unique mobile eLearning!

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