Jesuit education is not the mere imparting of information in order to grow in knowledge and ripening in individual wisdom. It is also about the holistic formation of the individual in critical thinking, servant leadership – becoming men and women for others – leading to social transformation, benefitting the entire community .

In the spirit of Ignatian pedagogy, research at JWL focuses on two main areas, in order to inform and strengthen both current and future activities:

  • The transformative impact of its blended mobile learning programmes on the lives of its students, alumni, and their community as well as on its staff around the world.
  • The effectiveness of the blended mobile learning model and its robustness to serve marginalised communities.


The approach adopted by JWL is participatory, transformative and community-based, with a strong focus on the capacity-building of JWL staff, students and alumni, as well as on the integration of research efforts within its programmes and operations in order to inform and improve its academic offer.

Another key element of the JWL research approach is the collaboration and partnership with international institutions and universities to jointly develop research initiatives to serve and transform communities and to study the root causes of environmental and social degradation.

If you are interested in participating in one of JWL’s research activities, please contact JWL Global Research Director, Dr Isabella Rega.

Research Updates


Leveraging Technology in Refugee Camp Education

JWL was invited to participate and speak at the Refugee & Migrant Education Network’s international conference, hosted by the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome from 26-29 September, around the theme of ‘Moving forward, diving deeper, together’.


Building the Future with Migrants and Refugees: Growing together as a society

At an international conference held on the occasion World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2022, JWL’s Dr Rega and Ms Honen-Delmar reflected on the Peace Leader programme and on the role of higher education in facilitating refugee integration in host communities.


Meet Alfred

Alfred has been focusing on two research projects: an investigation of the impact of the Diploma in Liberal Studies from the perspective of the community members whose lives were touched by the graduates, and a study on the transformative impact on the teaching practice of teachers working in Kakuma refugee camp who completed the Learning Facilitator professional programme.


Promoting Justice Through Education for Those Living at the Margins - JWL at 21st Commitment to Justice in Higher Education Conference

Dr Isabella Rega, JWL Global Research Director and Dr Martha Habash, JWL USA Academic Director, participated in the 21st Commitment to Justice in Higher Education Conference organised by the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) with a presentation titled ‘Promoting Justice Through Education for Those Living at the Margins: Jesuit Worldwide Learning’.


Transformative research from the margins

A transformative and participative approach is applied to research as we investigate and measure the extent of the impact of our programmes. It is research at the margins but conclusions would be incomplete without the participation of our graduates – making it research with, for and from the margins.


Global English Language Programme during COVID-19: Capacity building of GEL teachers

This document reports the main findings which emerged from a debriefing session with a group of GEL teachers who took the Teaching English Online course, offered by FutureLearn. Findings include teachers being more confident with the use of relevant technology, tapping into their creativity to design interactive classes and digital evaluation exercises, and increased student motivation and engagement of students.


A learning journey

How can we work with a dispersed team of research assistants, working in several countries and in challenging situations? In September, a virtual training was delivered for 11 JWL Research Assistants tasked with interviewing graduates of the Diploma in Liberal Studies about the impact the programmes had on their lives and those of their communities.


Transformative research in action

Dr Isabella Rega, JWL Global Research Director, is excited to introduce the research team investigating the impact of the Diploma in Liberal Studies on its graduates and their communities. One of the key pillars of the research efforts at JWL is that research needs to be transformative, both at personal and societal levels, as highlighted by Mertens (2017).

Research Publications

Nurturing Inner Peace to Promote Peaceful Communities

Graduates of the Peace Leader programme find inner peace and develop a mindset which transforms them into servant leaders who take action to build peaceful communities.

Meet Innocent: Agent of change at the margins

A humble, creative and committed business leader, Innocent inspires others (especially youth) to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. His soap business played a crucial role in supporting the community from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring access to affordable soap-based products.  

Meet Nura: Agent of change at the margins

How do communities perceive graduates' impact? In the fourth of five case studies from Kakuma, we introduce Nura, who goes above and beyond to empower others through education.

Higher education at the margins - success criteria for blended learning systems for marginalized communities

Learners in forcibly displaced, remote, and rural contexts face multiple challenges in accessing higher education. What are the requirements for a system that enables the successful implementation of a blended learning programme for these communities?

Anna Mayr and Stefan Oppl surveyed JWL learners across 3 continents to analyse factors that impact the success of blended learning systems.

Meet Lukambo: Agent of change at the margins

How do communities perceive graduates' impact? In the third of five case studies from Kakuma, we introduce Lukambo, a visionary and role model for youth in the community.

Peace Leader Programme: promoting peace & reconciliation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

This best practice unpacks how the Peace Leader course enables peace and reconciliation in fragile and complex contexts through its blended learning approach rooted in the Ignatian Pedagogy tradition.

Meet Christophe: Agent of change at the margins

How do communities perceive graduates’ impact? In the second of five case studies from Kakuma, we introduce the story of Christophe, a servant leader and peacemaker.

Liberal Studies & Servant Leadership: Inspiring Ignatian values at the margins

Servant Leadership is an approach to leadership that puts serving others at the forefront. This article explores how youth at the margins who graduated from the Diploma in Liberal Studies use Servant Leadership to contribute to their communities and to nurture peaceful and just societies.

Meet Dorine: Agent of change at the margins

How do communities perceive graduates’ impact? In this first of five case studies from Kakuma where community members were interiewed, we introduce the story of Dorine and her commitment to her community, particularly to end sexual and gender-based violence and promoting gender equality.