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JWL’s faculty are drawn from higher education institutions from around the world. A key feature of the JWL model is the collaborative learning support available to students. Faculty, many of whom volunteer their time, along with online tutors, local community learning centre tutors, and peer-to-peer support all contribute to a student's success.


The courses are available and delivered on JWL’s Learning Management System - either JWL Humanitarian e-Learning Platform (JWL HeLP) or Canvas.  After faculty interest and qualifications are confirmed, the professor will receive a contract and information about log in and password credentials as well as access information. 

Academic credit -bearing courses typically have about 15 to 20 students, are eight to ten weeks in length, with additional time needed for grading.  Professional Certificate courses are in a blended-learning format supported with a local Learning Facilitator, have about 20 to 24 students and are 24 weeks in length.  Professors will need to dedicate about of 7 to 10 hours per week for teaching one JWL course.


If you are interested in becoming a professor, please fill out this online registration form.


For more information about becoming a professor, please contact DR MARTHA HABASH.

Meet a professor - Joy Mwangi-Katusabe

My inspiration to join JWL came from having a genuine desire to impact society even in the smallest of ways. Given my background, I had a deep connection with the nature of students at JWL and I just had to go for it.


Joy Mwangi-Katusabe, from Uganda, moved to Kenya to pursue her university education in the field of International Relations, with a special interest in political science, conflict, conflict management and diplomacy. Her graduate thesis, at the United States International University – Africa, examined the impact of Refugee Populations on their Host Communities in Africa’s Great Lakes Region. During her studies, she also worked as a Graduate Research Assistant within the Department of International Relations and always enjoyed learning facilitation.


Joy first joined JWL as an online tutor in 2014. Three years later, she became a faculty member teaching Introduction to Political Thought, stemming from an eagerness to engage more with JWL learners.  “The most rewarding moment for me has been, seeing the impact of the work we do in our students when they grow personally and become better people in their respective societies,” she told us, adding that, “The icing on the cake is knowing that the students understand that they are not forgotten and appreciate it.”

Become a tutor

General Responsibilities


The primary purpose of the online tutor is to work with JWL Certificate in Liberal Studies and BA in Sustainable Development students, in collaboration with the local learning centre staff and online faculty, to enhance their written expression and provide a better understanding of the academic environment in which they study.  On-line tutors play a key role in ensuring appropriate and effective academic support for Certificate in Liberal Studies and BA in Sustainable Development students.


Review the academic work submitted via the Online Scheduler by JWL students, with particular relevance to:


  • Clarity of expression
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Appropriate use of APA style
  • Provide detailed feedback to students on their assignments to enable revision prior to submission
  • Refer students to particular resources including texts or websites to support the development of academic writing skills



Required Qualifications

An understanding of academic writing, including referencing and using the APA style

Excellent written English with particular focus on clear expression, grammar and spelling

An ability to engage with students in the context of their academic work to identify their particular needs and to suggest strategies for the on-going improvement of their written expression skills

  • An understanding of online learning systems
  • An understanding of, and empathy with, the context in which JWL students live and study
  • An understanding of the cultural issues the students face in their academic writing
  • An understanding of Ignatian Pedagogy

Essential Aptitudes for becoming a part of the JWL Mission to serve

those living at the margins


  • Value a working environment built around the key values in Jesuit Higher Education: Cura Personalis, Magis, Men and Women for and with Others.
  • Seek creativity and innovation by finding new and unique ways to improve the organisation and support its mission of serving those at the margins.
  • Foster a strong teamwork mentality that can succeed in a remote and virtual working atmosphere spanning multiple countries, cultures and time zones.
  • Be a part of the organisation vision by becoming a positive influencer and collaborator to help ensure key achievements and goals are met.
  • Align volunteer working practices consistent with the values and mission of the organisation as an NGO/non-profit.
  • Ability to understand the multi-cultural/global environment of the organisation and effectively communicate accordingly.

Undergraduate Volunteer Tutors

JWL seeks volunteer undergraduates to tutor its online students in Academic Writing, Dynamic Algebra, Physical Science (chemistry and physics).  Hours are flexible. Tutorees register times for tutoring.




1) Math Tutoring: the tutor must be a math major or a major in a math-related field.  Student should have ability to convey concepts in simplified English for students whose first language is not English.


2) Science Tutoring: the tutor must have a major in science and have a strong background in the physical sciences.


3) Academic Writing: student must have taken at least 2 courses in writing or courses that have a strong writing component for different constituencies. The volunteer will coach the writers and not edit papers.



Students must include a recommendation from a professor.


Students must be upperclassmen.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer online tutor, please fill out this online registration form.

Meet a tutor

Dr Kunaraj Kumarasamy holds a Bachelor of Technology from Pondicherry Engineering College, a Master’s in Applied Electronics from College of Engineering Guindy and PhD from Anna University, Chennai, India. After his PhD, he extended his research at the Mayo Clinic, USA, and is currently an Associate Professor at Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology, India. His interests include digital logic design and medical image computing.

Since 2020, Dr Kumarasamy has also been teaching and tutoring JWL Certificate in Liberal Studies and BA in Sustainable Development students.  He’s enjoyed connecting with the global community of students and seeing them progress.


Teaching is something I like the most as I can reach a community of students immediately and contribute significantly for their growth. When you see students getting better in their life, it brings a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Become a partner

JWL seeks to develop new structures of coordination tapping into existing resources and acting in synergy with Jesuit Provinces, universities and other like-minded partners. JWL aims to strengthen, create, and develop webs of relationships to provide access to higher education to the ‘least’ among us, the opressed, forcibly displaced, marginalised rural and urban poor, among others.


JWL’s way of collaboration and governance for the sake of fulfilling its distinctive Jesuit educational character calls for an accommodation and adaptation to time, place, and people which has always been the hallmark of the Jesuit ‘way of proceeding’.


In that, JWL welcomes the engagement of Jesuit Provinces, universities and other like-minded partners and organisations as collective stakeholders in a synergistic global higher education project.

This novel organisational undertaking preserves the coherence of each participant’s own individual identity while allowing them to make a distinct contribution be it in the form of providing institutional sponsorship, staffing support, academic contributions, lending physical support infrastructure, etc.


If your organisation or foundation is interested in joining JWL's global alliance of collaborating partners, please reach out to Armando Borja, Chief Operations Officer.