JWL pledges scholarships on transformative programmes ahead of second Global Refugee Forum

On the occasion of the second Global Refugee Forum (13-15 December), JWL pledges to provide refugees with scholarships to strengthen their self-reliance, enabling them as well host communities, to thrive.

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Education can be pivotal in terms of employability, innovation, and in fostering hope for a more peaceful and equitable world. However, only 7% of refugees have access to higher education. Up from 1% in 2019, this progress is encouraging but there is still a way to go to achieve the target of 15% enrolment by 2030.


On the occasion of the second Global Refugee Forum (13-15 December, Geneva, Switzerland), Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) pledges to provide refugees in India, Iraq, Kenya, Malaysia Malawi, Thailand, and Uganda with scholarships across a range of transformative programmes to strengthen their self-reliance, enabling them as well host communities, to thrive. In the aforementioned countries, JWL pledges to provide the following by 2027:


1.     JWL will provide up to 2,000 Global English Language (GEL) scholarships, facilitating the transition from secondary to tertiary education through English language skills. Our Global English Language (GEL) programme serves as a stepping stone for learners to access JWL professional and academic programmes. The programme follows the internationally recognised English Unlimited and Unlock courses at 6 CEFR levels (from A1 to C1).


2.     JWL will strengthen teaching capacities through the provision of up to 500 scholarships per year, on university-accredited, short-term programmes in learning facilitation, peace leadership, ecotourism, and sports facilitation. They will empower learners with skills in learning facilitation, digital education, conflict resolution, and creation of safe spaces for youth.


3.     ICT and entrepreneurship training are essential for contributing to durable solutions leading to refugee employment. JWL will offer up to 300 scholarships per year by offering two internationally certified, six-month courses in Creative Writing, Design & Webhosting, and Accounting, Project-Management & E-Commerce.


4.     JWL will offer up to 500 scholarships per year across fully accredited degree programmes in Sustainable Development, in General Studies (with a specialisation in Computer and Information Technology), and an Associate Degree in Intercultural Transformative Education which would eventually lead to a Bachelor’s degree in Education (these latter two currently under development).



“I want to spread awareness of our situations and help people like me to complete their studies. Studying is as important as water for the body. It makes people aware of the world around them, opens their minds, helps them teach their children and connect with others.” – Sami, Iraq


Sami (originally from Syria) is a recent graduate of the Certificate in Liberal studies in Erbil, Iraq and is due to enrol in the BA in Sustainable Development in early 2024. Iraq is reported to be the world’s fifth country most vulnerable to climate change and so, through his studies, Sami hopes to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to address related challenges faced by the community.