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Young people living at the margins with no access to higher education are at the centre of JWL’s mission. We need your support to provide study places gratuitously for a growing number of students. One ‘scholarship’, as we call it, will cover all academic, IT and operational expenses to enable one student to complete a course or a whole programme. JWL offers four programmes at the following cost per scholarship:


Global English Language Programme  
One Level USD 65
Completing all 6 Levels A1- C1, in 2 years USD 390


Professional Certificate Programme  
One Course USD 252
Complete Certificate of 3 courses in 6 months USD 756


Certificate in Liberal Studies  
One Course USD 263
Complete Certificate of 11 courses in 1 year

USD 2,893


Bachelor in Sustainable Development  
One Course USD 280
Complete Bachelor of 32 courses in 3-4 years USD 8,960


Donate today and support young people at the margins in accessing transformative higher education.

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