2023 Annual Report: Forming Global Leaders at the Margins

Marginalised youth’s demand for JWL’s programmes is unprecedently high and growing, with more than 10,000 learners enrolled across programmes in 2023. Despite growth, overall expenses have decreased, and academic quality has been maintained.

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Marginalised youth’s demand for JWL’s quality and transformative programmes is unprecedently high. More than 10,000 learners enrolled across programmes in 2023 (a 32% increase compared to the previous year), while overall expenses decreased.


Strengthened and new strategic collaborations, along with student-driven growth, made it possible for 24 new learning centres to open at no cost to JWL, since local costs are covered by the local partner.


Despite the surge in number of students and learning centres, JWL was able to maintain a high standard of academic quality and an average course completion rate of 70%, while achieving a 4% decrease in academic cost per course.


Encouragingly, we see students make their way through the learning path and become servant leaders at the local and global levels – like the five JWL students from Kakuma who were selected to participate in the second Global Refugee Forum (Geneva, 2023).


We’re also excited to share news about the very first 13 graduates of the BA in Sustainable Development and that almost half of them are young women from Afghanistan, who completed the programme against all odds. 


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