Technology Can Make Learning Possible Anywhere

By Cindy Bonfini_Hotlosz
vice president of information technology and innovation
at Jesuit Worldwide Learning.

Innovation is complex. It exists in the space between the world of science and human emotion. It is fueled at the precise moment when hope conquers logic and creates the momentum to make possible the impossible.

For me, the innovation moment began with a photo of desks on a mud flat.

The desks were sandwiched between a brilliant blue sky and caked orange earth. The email said: “We need to begin online classes here in September.”

That was impossible. It was March 2010. There was no Internet, no power. In fact, there was no building. But a defiant hope captured the imagination and somehow triumphed over logic.

Jesuit Worldwide Learning is a nonprofit organization that provides higher education opportunities at learning locations across the globe. Begun in 2010 as Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins, the program draws on more than 450 years of experience delivering high-quality education that focuses on forming the whole person.

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