JWL holds annual AJCU and IAJU liaison meeting

Jesuit Worldwide Learning held its annual meeting for American Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU ) and International Association of Jesuit Universities (IAJU) liaisons on 2 June. These meetings provide an opportunity for liaisons to be kept abreast of recent developments within JWL and opportunities for their institutions to be actively engaged in or promote activities that further the common goal of providing transformational education to underserved communities across the globe. Attended by fourteen university liaisons, the latest meeting (which took place virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic) included key updates on a number of priority areas of JWL’s work.

JWL’s value proposition and new strategic plan for 2020-2025 were presented on this occasion, along with an overview of its current global reach and offerings (Global English Language, professional, diploma and degree programmes spanning 17 countries over 40 community learning centres) and plans to further develop the stackable learning path. The realisation of the latter holds opportunities for multiple universities to provide sets of courses that would build upon each other, resulting in a full degree.

We are currently seeking a new home at an American Jesuit University for the management and accreditation of our Diploma in Liberal Studies programme, as its management and accreditation by Regis University will come to an end in December 2021. 

Research is also a major pillar of JWL’s work. Between 2020 and 2022, the extent to which JWL’s transformative, blended mobile learning model impacts individuals and communities will be assessed. Universities are invited to join in on these efforts and collaborate with a global research network of like-minded institutions including, among others, members of the AJCU and IAJU. This might for example be through the form of Master and/or PhD dissertations and joint research proposals, conducting in-depth studies of the root causes of environmental and social degradation with a view to identifying community-based solutions.








Additional opportunities for liaisons and their respective universities to contribute to this work include:

  • managing and accrediting JWL Liberal Studies courses (foundation courses which then allow students to progress to a full degree (30 credits) or the Diploma (45 credits).
  • offering scholarships to JWL Liberal Studies graduates for Associates and/or Bachelor’s degrees.


Vital to the cultivation and expansion of JWL’s university partnerships (and through this, the realisation of common goals) all AJCU and IAJU members are invited to designate a JWL liaison.  For more information, please contact Dr Martha Habash (martha.habash@jwl.org).