Meeting Carrie Crandall - JWL Faculty for Sociology, Certificate in Liberal Studies

I am a single mom of two grown men and reside in Colorado, USA. My preparation for teaching JWL online courses includes earning degrees in business and psychology, becoming certified in online education and, more recently, learning how to incorporate new technology into teaching online. In addition, as world-wide traveller, I have been exposed to many cultures different from my own.

For the past 15 years I have taught higher education and offered psychotherapy to diverse populations. I have supervised physical therapy students in Tanzania, managed a domestic violence program, and assessed the suicide risk of inmates in jails and, in some cases, recommended mental health care rather than continued incarceration. My experience with homeless persons includes victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking in the US and migrant families in Mexico. 

Hearing about JWL when teaching at Regis University in Colorado, I knew it would be yet another opportunity to meaningfully serve those who are overcoming incredible hardships, including war trauma, displacement, extremely poverty, and loss of family and country.

I have been profoundly inspired and enriched by JWL students. I have witnessed them incorporating material offered them into what they already know because of their unique culture, education, and life experiences. I am amazed by their willingness to contribute to the learning of others by being transparent across race, religion, ethnicity, and socio-economic status. When they share their stories, they are more valuable than the many books I have read and the many courses I have taken! 

In the latest class I have been teaching – Sociology – the writing has been tremendous, and the transparency of the stories that are beautifully told is astounding. Story telling is a lost art and a tremendous tool to use in management, and leadership.  My heart goes out to the students who have had to survive, transition, and rebuild.  And yet, the students are in my class sharing and helping others learn.  Discussion is a large part of the course and thanks to the students who are participating and responding on a timely basis the class becomes a rich environment and blend of cultures, religions, and backgrounds because of the sharing of their stories. The compassion students demonstrate through their responses to fellow students is remarkable. Loving Kindness expressed in writing and many times across cities, waters, and other obstacles.

I am grateful for the opportunity JWL gives me to honour my students by using new culture- informed teaching methods as well as to become a more compassionate and enlighten writer. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of JWL.


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Ms Carrie Crandall is Affiliate faculty at Regis University and also serves as a JWL faculty member, teaching Sociology as part of the Certificate in Liberal Studies (accredited by Xavier University Bhubaneswar, India).