Global English Language Programme during COVID-19: Capacity building of GEL teachers

This document reports the main findings which emerged from a debriefing session with a group of GEL teachers who took the Teaching English Online course, offered by FutureLearn. Findings include teachers being more confident with the use of relevant technology, tapping into their creativity to design interactive classes and digital evaluation exercises, and increased student motivation and engagement of students.

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Online teaching and learning have been increasingly relevant, and all the more so in the context of the pandemic. This is especially meaningful for our GEL teachers and students. Twenty teachers across ten of our CLCs therefore completed the Teaching English Online course (Cambridge Assessment English), at the end of last year.

Teachers have since reported that this helped them to identify and master relevant technological tools, untap their creativity (designing more interactive classes and digital evaluation exercises), gaining confidence in their teaching and a more student-centred approach. Overall, they report an increase in student motivation, engagement, and confidence in terms of the technology and online learning as a result of this change in teaching style.


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