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JWL is committed to offering tertiary education in communities at the margins – rural or urban poor, indigenous, isolated or forcibly displaced people – to form a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious global community of learners.  JWL seeks to offer regionally and globally accredited, high quality curricula through blended (online and onsite), mobile learning experiences.  Within the world of digital learning, JWL offers a successful blended model which uses the best of the Jesuit tradition of learning and education, the formation of people, the cura personalis and the holistic approach to education. Students form a virtual classroom – a global community of learners – while also supported by teachers and local community learning centre tutors. Since 2010, Jesuit Worldwide Learning has served more than 6,000 students across 15 different countries.

JWL does not impose restrictions on the basis of age, race, religion or ethnicity and is actively seeking to recruit women within these communities. Many of our students practice religions other than Christianity. For most, English is not their first language (in many cases it is their fourth or fifth) and this is their first contact with online learning, computers and the world of academia.

If you are interested in becoming a JWL student, please contact us with your name, location and programme interest.  





JWL Alumni Making a Difference

What happens to JWL student graduates once they complete the diploma or professional certificate programme?  Some alumni have continued their education by earning scholarships at various universities in the world, while others have stayed within their communities to work, start their own businesses or provide a product or service.  Still others have become change agents by coordinating and spearheading a much-needed service in their community.  Many of our alumni become leaders or role models within their new or existing community.

Though their successes have been due to their continued perseverance and hard work, they acknowledge their time as a student in the JWL programme was an integral reason for where they are today.  JWL positively impacted them as students and even as alumni. This impact came from professors and teachers that accompanied them through the course studies, the courses helped them build skills and created pathways for their current successes. They developed long-lasting friendships with their classmates and fellow learners.

Meet our alumni