Global English Language Program



The Global English Language Program (GEL) offered by Jesuit Worldwide Learning strives to deliver consistent, high quality English courses to students anywhere in the world.

What is Global English?

The Language Program brings a comprehensive high-quality, internationally- known approach to learning Global English using the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR).
The Language Program uses the textbook “English Unlimited” for 6 levels (A1, A2, B1, B1+, B2 and C1).
The Global English Language Program offers 2 hours of classroom teaching and 2 hours of independent day per day. Each level requires approximately 120 hours classroom teaching and 120 hours of independent study. Students do three courses per year and it takes two years to complete all six levels. The Language Program includes multiple activities outside of the classroom to ensure students enhance the skills they have learned in class.
The Language Program includes a GEL teacher toolbox that contains all physical elements needed to help students read, write, speak, and listen in English, both inside AND outside the classroom. The complete Language Program can be run battery-operated in places where power is inconsistent or unavailable.
JWL leverages key partnerships with suppliers of materials as well as shipping carriers to ensure the most affordable pricing model for maintaining high- quality standards.
JWL support includes local learning center facilitator training and expert remote assistance to ensure facilitators with a wide-range of skills are capable of teaching at an expert level.

It is imperative to bring a standard approach to language learning, so that any learning center anywhere in the world can follow the same approach and can compare their students’ proficiency accurately against others. This language program uses CEFR standards in order to accurately place students in courses that reflect their current knowledge of English.

The CEFR English Learning track is organized into the following six courses:

CEFR A1 - Starter
CEFR A2 - Elementary
CEFR B1 - Pre-Intermediate
CEFR B1+ - Intermediate
CEFR B2 - Upper Intermediate
CEFR C1 - Advanced

Students sit the Cambridge English Placement test at the start of the course to assess their CEFR level and allow them to be placed in a group appropriate to their level. This is an online reading and listening test.

After completing B1 level, students sit the Cambridge Linguaskill test. This is an online, adaptive, multi-level and on demand test lasting 60-85 minutes. Candidates are issued with a test report at the end, indicating a Cambridge score and their CEFR level. For students continuing beyond B1 level, they have the opportunity to sit this test again at the end of their English studies.

Teaching English to speakers of other languages is a professional discipline and JWL is committed to recruiting effective teachers who adhere to our vision in providing a high quality education to those on the margins.

With this objective in mind, we are developing a GEL teacher training course, which consists of 150 hours teacher training over a period of 7 months and will lead to a GEL teacher training certification from Creighton University Intensive English Language Institute (IELI) in Omaha, Nebraska USA.

The Global English Language Teacher Toolbox is a complete mobile classroom toolbox with the technology necessary to operate a language lab and consists of:
  • One copy of each level (A1, A2, B1, B1+, B2, C1) of “English Unlimited” series Teacher’s Pack with DVD ROMS, student coursebook and self-study pack.
  • Microsoft Windows Surface 3 Tablet installed with Microsoft office, all audio and video files for students, as well as multimedia presentations on helpful teaching tips. The tablet also comes with all necessary accessories (charger, case and keyboard).
  • 20 MP3 players with headphones and the audio learning lab materials pre- installed. The MP3 players also have supplementary videos for the students to refer to throughout the course.
  • One DVD reader and writer that can be connected to the surface tablet for playing the Teacher Pack DVD-ROMS.
  • One projector with the necessary adapters for connection to the surface tablet, ideal for classroom viewing.
  • One solar powered Bluetooth speaker that provides better sound for the classroom.
  • Important technological accessories like electrical adapters, surge protectors, and USB chargers that will fit any type of electrical grid in the world.

The content of the Program is so robust that it enables our partners to offer a complete suite of English language courses from beginner to advanced, that can be utilized anywhere in the world.

We are developing a learner tablet so that students will be able to access resources inside and outside the classroom at any time.

The Global English Language Program is part of an ongoing effort to further JWL’s mission of “Learning Together to Transform the World.” In the future, we hope that each student and facilitator will have access to a global interactive network hub where they can meet and engage in global conversations, practice their skills, and share learning.

Introducing Adrian Doff, co-author of “English Unlimited”

Adrian Doff grew up in the UK and also studied there, doing a BA in Modern Languages at Cambridge University and then an MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of Lancaster. Since then he’s spent most of his life in other countries, working as an English teacher and teacher trainer. Countries he’s worked in include Finland, Serbia, Lebanon and Egypt. For the last 15 years he’s been based in Munich, in Germany, where he has two main jobs: working as a tutor on CELTA and DELTA courses training teachers of English; and working as a free-lance writer, mainly writing ELT coursebooks for Cambridge University Press. One of the books he’s been involved in is the 6-level English course English Unlimited, which JWL is using on their English language programs. Over the past 3 years, he’s been working with JWL as a consultant on using these materials and he’s paid visits to Iraq and Sri Lanka to give introductory training workshops for teachers. He’s also been involved in helping to develop end-of-course tests and back-up training videos for teachers using the course.