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JWL’s volunteer online tutors are drawn from writing centers and universities around the world. A key feature of the JWL model is the collaborative learning support available to students. Volunteer online tutors, along with faculty, local community learning center tutors, and peer-to-peer support all contribute to a student's success. Local community learning center staff includes Coordinators, Academic Tutors, IT support staff, and Facilitators.

Over 50% of JWL adult learners are female students.  Students come from nearly 40 countries, and presently live ‘at the margins’ in the various locations where JWL has community learning centers. Our students include refugees and internally displaced people living in refugee camps, urban centers and rural villages.  Across our many community learning centers, JWL students come from a range of educational backgrounds. In a given diploma course, students could be seated across a wide range of time zones, come from diverse culture and religious backgrounds as well as from different continents. Online tutors assist students through asynchronous appointments with APA style, punctuation and grammar, and clarity of expression in written English.


Interested in becoming a volunteer online tutor for JWL?

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General Responsibilities 

The primary purpose of the online tutor is to work with JWL Diploma students, in collaboration with the local learning center staff and online faculty, to enhance their written expression and provide a better understanding of the academic environment in which they study.  On-line tutors play a key role in ensuring appropriate and effective academic support for JWL's Diploma students.

Review the academic work submitted via the Online Scheduler by JWL students, with particular relevance to:

  • Clarity of expression
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Appropriate use of APA style
  • Provide detailed feedback to students on their assignments to enable revision prior to submission
  • Refer students to particular resources including texts or websites to support the development of academic writing skills

Online Tutoring is available and delivered on Regis University’s Online Scheduler.  Links to the scheduler are provided to students on JWL’s Learning Management System – Blackboard. After a tutoring candidate’s interest and qualifications are confirmed, the online tutor will sign a Safeguarding Policy and receive information about log in and password credentials in order to access asynchronous student appointments created on the Online Scheduler.  Tutors volunteer one hour or more per week for tutoring, with a set schedule from week to week.  Tutors commit to responding within 24 hours of the appointment time for their own time zone.

Required Qualifications

  • An understanding of academic writing, including referencing and using the APA style
  • Excellent written English with particular focus on clear expression, grammar and spelling
  • An ability to engage with students in the context of their academic work to identify their particular needs and to suggest strategies for the on-going improvement of their written expression skills
  • An understanding of on-line learning systems 
  • An understanding of, and empathy with, the context in which JWL students live and study
  • An understanding of the cultural issues the students face in their academic writing
  • An understanding of Ignatian Pedagogy

Essential Aptitudes for becoming a part of the JWL Mission to serve

those living at the margins

  • Value a working environment built around the key values in Jesuit Higher Education: Cura Personalis, Magis, Men and Women for and with Others.
  • Seek creativity and innovation by finding new and unique ways to improve the organization and support its mission of servicing those at the margins.
  • Foster a strong teamwork mentality that can succeed in a remote and virtual working atmosphere spanning multiple countries, cultures and time zones.
  • Be a part of the organization vision by becoming a positive influencer and collaborator to help ensure key achievements and goals are met.
  • Align volunteer working practices consistent with the values and mission of the organization as an NGO/non-profit. 
  • Ability to understand the multi-cultural/global environment of the organization and effectively communicate accordingly.

Meet some of our tutors

Sandra Steiger was born in Switzerland, grew up in Australia and has been living again in Geneva, Switzerland for the past 10 years. She has spent this time teaching English in various language schools and at the International School of Geneva, where she also coordinated the Service Learning programme. In 2006 she spent 4 months in Kenya, where she developed a keen interest in multilingualism in education in this context, motivating her to pursue a Master's degree in Education and Development, which she completed in 2013 at the Institute of Education in London...


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