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The courses are available and delivered on JWL’s Learning Management System - either JWL Humanitarian e-Learning Platform (JWL HeLP) or Canvas.  After faculty interest and qualifications are confirmed, the professor will receive a contract and information about log in and password credentials as well as access information.  Academic credit baring courses typically have about 15 to 20 students, are eight to ten weeks in length, with additional time needed for grading.  Professional Certificate courses are in a blended-learning format supported with a local Learning Facilitator, have about 20 to 24 students and are 24 weeks in length.  Professors will need to dedicate about of 7 to 10 hours per week for teaching one JWL course.

Professors primarily interact with students through the online learning platform. The best forms of interaction occur in the discussion forum and in the faculty responses to assignments. Like all students, the JWL learners desire regular and frequent feedback from and interaction with Professors (responses to students within 48 hours is required).  Most courses identify textbooks that support the course content. Wherever possible, the texts are available electronically. 

Professors who are interested in teaching JWL courses are required to possess disciplinary expertise in the subject matter to be taught as well a minimum of a Master's degree from an accredited university. Professors teaching for JWL for the first time are asked to become familiar with the preparatory material in the Faculty Hub a Faculty Preparation and Orientation - in order to gain familiarity with the online course delivery system, obtain information about our students, Ignatian pedagogy and adult learning.  Professors are paid a small stipend for each JWL course that they teach.  The small stipend is paid after grades for the course are submitted. 

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For more information about becoming a professor, please contact Dr Stefan Hengst SJ