Our Vision

Learning Together to Transform the World

JWL believes that tertiary learning and the formation of a global community of learners addresses the root causes of poverty, isolation, despair, conflict and displacement in order to build a more peaceful and humane world. JWL knows education fosters hope.

Our Mission

JWL provides equitable high quality tertiary learning to people and communities at the margins of societies - be it through poverty, location, lack of opportunity, conflict or forced displacement – so all can contribute their knowledge and voices to the global community of learners and together foster hope to create a more peaceful and humane world.

Our Strategy

Our four cornerstones

JWL is an organization built on four cornerstones. Through these cornerstones, JWL is sustainable over time, scalable to meet needs, and transferable across the globe, to ensure access to tertiary learning for people and communities at the margins.



JWL aims to strengthen, create, and develop webs of relationships to provide access to higher education to the “least” among us, the globally destitute, forced migrants and refugees, tribal or religiously oppressed, marginalized rural and urban poor to form a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious global community of learners.


Collaboration and worldwide alliances are sought with universities and mission-aligned strategic partners. JWL seeks to develop new structures of coordination tapping into existing resources and acting in synergy with Jesuit Provinces, universities and other like-minded partners.

JWL is a work of the Society of Jesus that builds on more than 450 years of tradition of transformative tertiary education that forms women and men for others. JWL applies the Ignatian experience of contextual learning, reflection, action and evaluation to foster critical thinking. 

JWL seeks to offer regionally and globally accredited, high-quality curricula through virtual, blended and on-site learning experiences at affordable costs. 

Our Values

Why we do our work?

  • "Ad majorem Dei gloriam" - the greater glory of God
  • MAGIS - the greater good
  • Create women and men for others

How we do our work?


The 9 Cs:

ompassion, love and hope
ompetence, open mindedness and honest engagement with reality
ommitment and service
ommunities of learners, inclusive and diverse, global and local
onscience for justice and social responsibility
ura personalis, care and respect for the entire person, dignity and freedom 
ritical and transformative thinking