Strategic partnership

Collaboration, strategic partnerships and alliances are the essence of learning, reflecting and acting together. JWL forms a global alliance of Jesuit Universities and mission aligned Universities and academic institutions. These academically and culturally rich and diverse institutions are united under the main goal to serve people at the margins, sharing their resources with them and make higher education accessible to them. At the same time this collaboration is enriching to each institution connecting them with a global diverse student and faculty body in the community learning centers and Universities. 

Collaboration among technology partners makes it possible to give communities in isolated places access to the internet, to have energy supply and economically affordable computers and tablets for students to study. IT, solar energy, computer and Telecommunication companies are joining in this noble goal to overcome the digital divide.

Working together makes this effort financial viable. Private foundations, funding and public funding, in-kind donations by the Universities, services at reduced costs by Faculties make it possible together the contributions of the local partners providing the infrastructure and the running costs. But also, the students make their contribution in form of social and educative services in their communities passing on their skills and knowledge to others as men and women for others.