Ignatian experience 

As an international Jesuit work, JWL is a continuation of the Ignatian heritage and of the distinctive tradition of Jesuit education. This means that St. Ignatius, with his charism and his Spiritual Exercises, inspires and gives shape to how JWL educates, in a way that seeks God in all things, promotes discernment and Magis, and engages the world through a careful analysis of context, in dialogue with experience, evaluated through reflection, for the sake of action, and with openness, always, to evaluation.  

The JWL courses, in particular of the Diploma in Liberal Arts, follow the Jesuit tradition of humanities and pedagogical method, at times also called Ignatian pedagogy. By applying these steps, the learning becomes a transformative experience which allows the learner and learning community to take action in full human freedom and to transform their reality. 

JWL hopes that through this Ignatian learning experience, students are being formed in men and women for others, who serve their communities and become leaders with high responsibility and values.