High quality
leverage costs 

The best for the least, means the best education of high academic quality for poor communities and refugees at the margins and at moderate costs. This challenging contradiction JWL addresses. Best education is expensive, be it private or public. JWL partners with the best academic institutions to invite them to share their best knowledge and skilled faculties with learning communities at the margins. JWL students prefer to study harder than getting a ‘cheap and worthless’ degree. The desire for learning and the talent of JWL students show that they can match the quality and demands and even more they make a significant contribution often based on their life experience facing hardships, injustice, war and displacement. 

The effort of all partners involved make the delivery of high quality academic studies possible and at the same time at moderate costs. The blended online learning model of JWL focuses only on the learning and has none of the additional expense of campus based Universities. JWL is stripped of all additional costs. JWL as a global organization gets the best from each part of the world and leverages costs across the globe. 

But mostly the generosity of all partners and in-kind contribution makes it possible to provide high quality at moderate costs. To provide a student with a one year Global English Course (4 levels of CEFR) costs JWL USD 250; a professional course of 6 months costs USD 720; and a Liberal Arts student can study 5 courses (15 credits) at USD 2,200. These amounts cover for JWL the delivery and the onsite costs and are based on a model which reaches 3000 students or more.