Global thinking

Humanity is evolving to ever greater global connectedness through mobility and the digital means of communication. News of events reach in few minutes each corner of the world. The process of globalization, as it is often referred to, makes the beauty, potential and rich diversity of human societies, cultures and religions obvious, but also the global economic, social and environmental divisions and gaps more tangible. The digital divide is a growing reality. Some societies react to these challenges with protective steps and new physical, cultural, racial and national walls are being built. JWL believes that an ever more interdependent and interconnected humanity challenged by major problems can only address them by learning and thinking together across the barriers. 

The name of Jesuit Worldwide Learning is its mission, to foster worldwide learning as a humble contribution to solve the global issues which can only be addressed in a joined global thinking. People at the margins and the poor are the ones who bear the brunt when things go terribly wrong and end up in conflicts and forced displacement. They have the greatest interest to transform their reality. JWL wants them to be connected, learn and think together, and contribute their knowledge.

All courses of JWL and academic contents are designed with a global perspective to create that global cultural space to think together about the global challenges societies are facing, be they political, environmental, social, health and economic issues, but also ethical, cultural and religious issues.