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Report on 10 Years of the Diploma in Liberal Studies for Refugees and Marginalised Communities

As JWL celebrates a decade of online higher education at the margins, this report reviews and reflects upon this journey, unpacking trends and lessons learnt, in order to strengthen efforts for the next decade.

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COVID-19 and Jesuit Worldwide Learning – How we operated and what we learnt

JWL and its community learning centres have experience challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the organisation had to rapidly adapt in order to ensure students continued learning. This report notes challenges faced, solutions implemented, and opportunities identified, with a special focus on academic and professional programmes between March and July 2020.

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Learning with Students at the Margins: Creighton University’s Pilot Program with Jesuit Worldwide Learning 2017- 2018

Creighton University in cooperation with Jesuit Worldwide Learning: Higher Education at the Margins (formerly Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins) piloted a program in 2017-2018 in which 8 Creighton University undergraduates in the College of Arts & Sciences took an online course in Jesuit Worldwide Learning’s Diploma in Liberal Studies and a newly developed online course at Creighton University that framed their online experience in a global classroom with students living at the margins through readings, videos, discussions, reflections, and community service.

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Translating Ignatian Principles into Artful Pedagogies of Hope

The Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) program offers transformational learning through institutional partnerships that grant academic degrees to students at the margins of society. Ignatian principles and pedagogy are applied within online coursework. Teaching anthropology within this diverse, intercultural learning environment required artful language and narrative approaches to create a trusting environment in which to discuss challenging concepts. The place of hope in students’ lives was underscored in this process that describes how teaching is a practice of accompaniment.

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Collective Journey of the Globe

Environment might be one of th emost important treasures entrusted to us, but human beings do end up treating it recklessly.


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A Life Line to Learning-Leveraging Technology to Support Education for Refugees

"This publication presents the results of a collaborative study undertaken by subject matter experts and UNESCO specialists."

Refugee Higher Education and Employability

The latest Documentation from GIZ - the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Religion and Science - Are they at Crossroads

Science and Religion are often discussed as if they were non-compatible or contradictory.

AUSN Intensive Bioethics and Global Public Health Training Workshop Kathmandu, Nepal 1-3 March 2018

Dr. Mariadoss Selvanayagam presents "Bioethics and global health with reference to to hand washing in Children" at public health training workshop in Nepal.

Education, Empowerment and Transformation

Peacebuilding and Reconciliation in the context of Education in the Post-conflict Sri Lanka.

Boston College - The Jesuit Institute Gasson Lecture

Implications of Dark-Matter/Energy to the understanding of Reality

Joint Bioethics Workshop, 28-30,October 2017

Organized by Gangneung-Wonju National University(GWNU) and American University of Sovereign Nations (AUSN).  Presentation by Dr. M. Selvanayagam.

Fr. Francis Xavier Lecture Presentation at NCRM NICHE Conference in Tokyo, Japan

Physics and Chemistry in unravelling the Mysteries of Biology.


7th Annual Mobiles for Education Alliance Symposium: Future-Proofing Technology for Education in International Development, Washington DC October 2017

Fr. Francis presents JWL Case Study "Higher Education at the Margins" at the Learning in Conflict Session.

Jigsaw Consult - Higher education for refugees in low resource environments: research study

This report presents the findings from a year-long research study which analyses different approaches to providing higher education for refugees. The research study is best read in combination with the associated report titled Higher education for refugees in low-resource environments: landscape review.

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Jigsaw Consult - Higher education for refugees in low resource environments: landscape review

The purpose of the landscape review is to provide a comprehensive mapping of programmes providing higher education for refugees. The review functions as a standalone resource but is best read in conjunction with the associated report titled Higher education for refugees in low-resource environments: research study.

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Engineering Response to Climate Change

Global warming is staring in our eyes. The increase in temperature from 1880 to 2012 is about 0.85oC. The future global warming is expected to be around further 2oC.


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