Winter 2018 Newletter

A lot has been happening at JWL during the last few months of 2018.  The launch of JWL HeLP - Humanitarian e-Learning Platform at the OEB Conference in Berlin, our students in action across Africa and the Middle East as well as updates from our very own Pascal Meyer SJ on the move in Kakuma and Dzaleka.


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Loyola Campus Newsletter Sri Lanka - November 2018

Loyola Campus Graduation: A Reflection

Graduation season is ending, just as graduation is the closing of one chapter and the opening of a com­pletely new one. Graduations are special because they are much-needed reflections in the busy and hectic continuum of our lives at Loyola Campus/JWL's Community Learning Centers. Gradu­ations can be cliche and redundant, but they instruct you on the greatest lessons of life, which is to appre­ciate and cherish every moment of your life.


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Here is our Fall Newsletter

A lot of great stuff is going on at JWL, check out our Fall 2018 Newsletter.

Vidyana Loyola Campus Magazine Sri Lanka - July 2018 Edition

This issue of the magazine is dedicated to the concerns of Ecology and Sustainability. Through critical analysis, reflection, writing and discussions Loyola Campus hopes to make the students more environmentally conscious.

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Joyce Kagai

Student Representative for the Dzaleka 2018 graduating class of Jesuit Worldwide Learning Diploma Program

Graduation Celebrations!

JWL Diploma Graduation in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi.

Grace Muvunyi

Class valedictorian for the Kakuma 2018 graduating class of Jesuit Worldwide Learning Diploma Program featured in The Denver Post-YourHub edition.

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Graduation Celebrations!

JWL Diploma Graduation in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

GEM in Action

First volume of “GEM in Action", the digest of the Global Education Movement at Southern New Hampshire University.

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English skills with Cambridge

Jesuit Worldwide Learning advances English skills with Cambridge Assessment English

Educating a new generation to bring peace living in world of war and terror.

Interview of Fr. Peter Balleis in online German Catholic internet news portal -


Ignatian Spirituality and the Migrants

Article written by Fr. Francis P. Xavier SJ published in Thanmaya, an e-magazine of the Jesuits of Kerala Province.

First Diploma Program Graduation in Myanmar

Congratulations Peter,Ngu, and Veronica! We are very proud to announce that our very first Myanmar Diploma programme students graduated in May this year. The ceremony, which took place at the St Aloysius Gonzaga Institute of Higher Studies in Taunggyi, was also attended and presided by Archbishop Basilio Athai, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Taunggyi.

Here is our Spring Newsletter

Check out the latest Newsletter.

Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities (FADICA)

JWL listed in FADICA's report - Catholic Social Innovation in Global Refugee Crisis

Higher education for girls in Afghanistan

JWL Program in Afghanistan is highlighted in Xavier Network - The Jesuit Network for mission and development

Graduation Celebrations!

First Diploma Programme Graduation in Herat, Afghanistan

Graduation Celebrations!

First Diploma Programme Graduation in Bamyan.

News from the field - Erbil, Iraq

Check our new video featuring our Diploma students in Erbil - learning and working together to make the world a better place.

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Latest edition of Loyola Campus Magazine, Sri Lanka

Vidyana - the Gift of Knowledge

Migrants & Refugees - Pope Francis call for action: "Responding to Refugees and Migrants: Twenty Action Points"

"For centuries, people on the move have received the assistance and special pastoral attention of the Catholic Church.  Today, facing the largest movement of displaced peoples in recent memory, the Church feels compelled to continue this work in solidarity with them and in cooperation with the international community."

Happy New Year Edition of our Newsletter

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Afghanistan: JRS projects support returnees in navigating peace and reconstruction

JWL Program in Afghanistan: "Within all these aspirations lies the overwhelming desire for peace. JRS and JWL courses help equip their participants" (students) "with some of the tools and skills needed both to live within the constraints of their current situation and to continue to navigate the peace required to nurture hope and usher a better tomorrow." 

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Jesuiten-Universitäten gründen Welt-Allianz / Jesuit Universities form a Global Alliance

"Rund 180 Jesuiten-Hochschulen gibt es weltweit. Im kommenden Jahr wollen sie sich zusammenschließen. Um die Zusammenarbeit zu stärken, haben sie bereits einen wichtigen Hebel."

There are around 180 Jesuit colleges and universities worldwide.  To strengthen their collaboration, they will form a global alliance, which will contribute to supporting JWL's mission as highlighted in this article by the German Catholic online news organization.

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JWL featured in Jesuit Swiss Mission Christmas Magazine.

Studieren in Dörfern und Lagern
Online-Kurse: der erste Schritt aus der Misere


Welongo Plans to take Georgetown Experience back to NGO Work with Refugees

JWL Diploma Alumni from Kakuma Camp (Kenya), Muzabel Welongo now a graduate student at Georgetown University in Global Human Development Program, plans to return to Africa upon graduation and work for an NGO supporting refugees.

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How one man is connecting Kakuma refugee camp to the rest of the world

JWL Alumni, Innocent shares his learning to create positive and lasting impact in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

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Check Out Our Latest Issue of the JWL Newsletter

Many exciting developments have been happening at Jesuit Worldwide Learning since we published our last newsletter. Read all about them in our new issue. 

A World Re(Union) of Jesuit Alumni: Going to the Margins Together

Georgetown's Campus Ministry recounts the 2017 World Union of Jesuit Alumni Congress. Read More

Graduation Ceremony at the Arrupe Learning Center, Kakuma

Early morning on 24th July 2017, in the depth of Kakuma Refugee Camp, the Arrupe Learning center was buzzing with activities, pomp and color, music and dancing could be heard from a far. Clearly, it wasn’t business as usual…something beautiful and profound was happening, the graduation ceremony that everyone had been looking forward to. Read More

Connections - monthly newsletter of Loyola Campus, Sri Lanka

Jesuit Worldwide Learning and Loyola Campus, Sri Lanka expand and strengthen their partnership - openning new community learning centers in Sri Lanka and India.

Reaching Refugees

Check out our mention in InsideHigherEd's article on "Reaching Refugees"

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Fr. Peter Balleis takes part in DoProfiL Workshop at Technical University Dortmund on July 19th

Behold the Man: The Temptations of Power and the Misery of the Refugees

The Zurich Catholic Diocese interviews Fr.Peter about his new book. 

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Live Broadcast of Fr. Peter Balleis' Speech at the World Union of Jesuit Alumni Congress

Linking young men to a future—and a gentrifying neighborhood to its past

"Instead of having to leave the neighborhood, young people can find opportunities in the community." Learn more about the opportunities JWL and Re-Connect Cafe bring to the Bed-Stuy community in America Magazine's article.

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“The other one percent – higher education in forced displacement”

At a side event of the 69th meeting of the UNHCR Standing Committee, Jesuit Worldwide Learning was represented by Ms. Grace Muvunyi, a student of JWL’s Diploma in Liberal Arts Program.

Jesuit program goes to ‘the margins’ to bring education to refugees

Jesuit Worldwide Learning: Education at the Margins offers a mixture of online and in-person educational opportunities in service of people who have been displaced because of political turmoil, violence and other crises throughout the world.

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World Refugee Day 2017

On #WorldRefugeeDay, we remember refugees are part of the global community. We need to work for their freedom, rights, and dignity. Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) offers online education to form them leaders with social responsibility. Education makes one think for oneself - Very often critical thinking or thinking out of the box ushers in creativity and entrepreneurship. JWL offers the best to the least with the hope that those who are now in the periphery (namely the refugees) of the society would one day the central leaders in their communities transforming a world of equity and equality. JWL brings education to the refugees and the marginalized, instead of they going to the universities. In this global mission, JWL is supported by universities and educational institutions from around the world. 

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JWL's Academic Programs Featured on German TV and Radio

Fr. Peter Balleis and JWL's Academic programs being offered at multiple refugee camps in northern Iraq has been highlighted in several German TV and Radio news programs. The German Bavarian State Parliament is now investing over €150,000 in student scholarships.

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After Opus nomination, JWL becomes classroom for Creighton students

This spring semester with the help of a Creighton Global Initiative grant, Creighton students and faculty took participation with JWL — which provides access to higher education to refugees around the globe — to a new level as students both took online courses with the refugees in the program and served as teaching assistants in those courses.

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Christen im Nordirak - JWL im Mittagsmagazin ARD (Christians in northern Iraq - JWL featured on ARD German TV news broadcast)

JWL's Academic Programs in northern Iraq featured on German ARD news broadcast on May 31, 2017.   

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JWL Diploma Students Start Youth Organization in Malawi

JWL diploma students Alain and Toussaint founded the Salama Africa organization to empower the youth of Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Read more about their positive impact on their community. 

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John Carroll University to Host First U.S. Congress of Worldwide Jesuit Alumni

Alumni and friends of Jesuit institutions in the United States will have a historic opportunity this summer to connect and learn from fellow Jesuit alumni from across the globe. For the first time ever, the World Union of Jesuit Alumni (WUJA) Congress will take place in North America at John Carroll University in Cleveland from…

Lessons On Providing Higher Education To Refugees

Jesuit Worldwide Learning has always been centered around the concept of learning together. In that process, we learn from our students just as much as our students learn from us. As one of the first organizations to address the displace and marginalized higher education crisis, adapting to challenges and improving our strategies is always a first priority. 

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Diaspora Higher Education: What’s Next for Displaced Learners?

Peggy Lynn Macisaac's article features how JWL and other organizations are making headway in solving the crisis of disrupted education among displaced learners. Read More

How mobile technology is empowering displaced youth learners

Roland Kalamo lives and studies at Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. The Congolese university student and youth community activist is pursuing a degree in Applied Arts. “It is human behaviour to think that everyone is just like you and that we all are the same,” he says. “Yet, the similarities we have as humans are not applicable in all the fields.” Roland’s words kicked off the Mobile Learning Week Symposium’s on how technology can provide continuity of education for displaced learners. Read More

Mobile Learning Week, technology providing a lifeline for teaching in emergency situations

In Romans Manyiel Garang’s classroom, there are 180 students, some as old as 35—ten years older than Garang himself. Garang is a primary school teacher in Kenya’s Kakuma Refugee camp, responsible for providing refugee children and some adults with a pathway to a brighter future while they wait to be resettled. But without books, pedagogical … Continue reading Mobile Learning Week, technology providing a lifeline for teaching in emergency situations

Universities join global HE clearinghouse for refugees

The Institute of International Education, or IIE, and the Catalyst Foundation for Universal Education have launched an online clearinghouse to connect displaced students with opportunities to continue their education in safety around the world. With the support of eight international organisations, the new IIE Platform for Education in Emergencies

America Magazine Features Article About JWL

A new Jesuit program is bringing education to some of the world’s refugees by Wyatt Massey The final month of 2016 was a chance for new beginnings for refugees and displaced persons in Iraq eager to learn. Jesuit Worldwide Learning, a collaboration of universities, organizations and companies to provide higher education to people living on … Continue reading America Magazine Features Article About JWL

Introduction of English language courses in Iraq

Two young ladies, Amina and her friend, are refugees from Syria living in a camp called Domiz near Dohuk in northern Iraq. They were present in early June 2016, when I introduced the project Jesuit Worldwide Learning – Higher Education at the Margins (JWL). Back then the young … Continue reading Introduction of English language courses in Iraq

Technology Can Make Learning Possible Anywhere

By Cindy Bonfini_Hotlosz vice president of information technology and innovation at Jesuit Worldwide Learning. Innovation is complex. It exists in the space between the world of science and human emotion. It is fueled at the precise moment when hope conquers logic and creates the momentum to make possible the impossible. For me, the innovation moment began … Continue reading Technology Can Make Learning Possible Anywhere

JWL Receives $100K Award From Opus Prize Foundation

Fr. Peter Balleis, S.J., Executive President of Jesuit Worldwide Learning, was recognized at the prestigious Opus Prize Award Ceremony held on Thursday Nov. 17, 2006 at Creighton University. Fr. Balleis and JWL were one of three finalists nominated to receive the award. Sara Lance, a social entrepreneur dedicated to helping women escape the horrors of … Continue reading JWL Receives $100K Award From Opus Prize Foundation

Environmental Education Summit JWL – Munich

From October 12th to the 14th Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) held an educational summit at the Munich School of Philosophy, Germany. The aim of the summit was to structure, design and debate two learning tracks for JWL focusing on the area of environmental education. The summit participants came from Germany, Lithuania, Philippines, Sweden, Switzerland and … Continue reading Environmental Education Summit JWL – Munich

Fr. Peter Balleis S.J. and JWL are highlighted in the German Jesuit Mission news letter

Refugees and disadvantaged learn together worldwide (Translated from German) Access to university education for refugees and disadvantaged world-wide enables a new digital education program of the Jesuits in Switzerland, Germany and Austria with a European regional office in Munich. “Jesuit Worldwide Learning: Higher Education at the Margins” (JWL) provides refugees and disadvantaged people with … Continue reading Fr. Peter Balleis S.J. and JWL are highlighted in the German Jesuit Mission news letter

“Jesuit Worldwide Learning” in Geneva focuses on global learning groups

Geneva, 27. September 2016 ‒ The Jesuits in Switzerland, Germany and Austria have together started a digital training program for disadvantaged people and refugees. Established in Geneva under the name “Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL)”, the organization was presented to the public as a global provider of online tertiary education by Father Christian Rutishauser SJ, Swiss … Continue reading “Jesuit Worldwide Learning” in Geneva focuses on global learning groups

JC:HEM Student Comes to America to Begin Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

Greetings from the University of Illinois. I landed in US a week ago to embark on my Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders.

JWL Finalist for Prestigious Opus Prize

Peter Balleis S.J., Executive President of Jesuit Worldwide Learning, is among the 3 finalists eligible to receive the prestigious 2016 Opus Prize. Fr. Balleis was selected for his work with Jesuit Worldwide Learning (formerly JC:HEM) providing tertiary education to marginalized communities. Through education, displaced and disenfranchised individuals and communities can experience a renewed sense of … Continue reading JWL Finalist for Prestigious Opus Prize


Malawi: A Refugee Dance Group Place Second in the National Kajive Dance Competition in Blantyre

Dzaleka, 8 March 2016 – Farini Wasamba Fredy is originally from North Kivu, Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). His life was under threat and so he left his home country as he was being persecuted as a human rights activist.