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It is Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) policy to safeguard staff* and student personal information and to maintain such information as confidential. In the course of a staff member or student tenure with JWL, JWL may collect and/or maintain personal information for purposes of its staffing, payroll, tax, course admissions and registration, legal, and for other human resources/academic obligations.

Access to staff and student personal information and files are strictly limited. These files are  maintained by the human resources and registrar departments and are considered confidential under Article 5 of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The staff and student files will be made available for inspection only as required by applicable law. JWL may release staff and student personal information to outside sources only when necessary/required and in accordance with applicable law.

All JWL staff are expected to maintain the confidentiality of JWL student information. If a staff member becomes aware of a data privacy breach, including a breach of the confidentiality of staff or student personal information, the staff member should immediately contact his or her manager, human resources or global registrar departments, and/or report the breach to JWL’s third party hotline provider, EthicsPoint at .

If a staff member or student has a question about data protection, they should contact human resources or global registrar department.

* Definition of JWL Staff: JWL staff refers to and is defined as, but not limited to, employees (full & part-time), temporary staff including students and volunteers (non-paid), tutors and teachers (either paid or non-paid), all third-party contractors and freelancers, independent contractors (includes Subject Matter Experts), which are either contracted by JWL or another organization that is contracted or has an agreement with JWL.