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JWL seeks to develop new structures of coordination tapping into existing resources and acting in synergy with Jesuit Provinces, universities and other like-minded partners. JWL aims to strengthen, create, and develop webs of relationships to provide access to higher education to the “least” among us, the globally destitute, forced migrants and refugees, tribal or religiously oppressed, marginalised rural and urban poor and others.

As an international Jesuit work, JWL is a continuation of the Ignatian heritage and of the distinctive tradition of Jesuit education. This means that St. Ignatius, with his charism and his Spiritual Exercises, inspires and gives shape to how JWL educates, in a way that seeks God in all things, promotes discernment and Magis, and engages the world through a careful analysis of context, in dialogue with experience, evaluated through reflection, for the sake of action, and with openness, always, to evaluation.

JWL is committed and seeks to contribute to the Society’s intellectual apostolate as a dimension of all Jesuit ministries. JWL does this through formative teaching, conscientious scholarship, leadership formation through academic training and public dialogue. JWL works on the “frontiers” in the pursuit of faith through the promotion of justice, dynamically nurturing cultural and interreligious dialogue and reconciliation. JWL’s motto seeks to foster a community of global learners committed to “Learning Together to Transform the World”.  



JWL’s way of collaboration and governance for the sake of fulfilling its distinctive Jesuit educational character calls for an accommodation and adaptation to time, place, and people which has always been the hallmark of the Jesuit “way of proceeding”. In that, JWL welcomes the engagement of Jesuit Provinces, universities and other like-minded partners and organisations as collective stakeholders in a synergistic global higher education project. This novel organisational undertaking preserves the coherence of each participant’s own individual identity while allowing them to make a distinct contribution be in the form of providing institutional sponsorship, staffing support, academic contributions, lending physical support infrastructure, etc.

The presence, work, and witness of Jesuits at JWL community learning center with students, colleagues, and alumni are of inestimable value. They embody, in a lived and unparalleled way, the Jesuit character of JWL’s ministry.  Their hospitality, prayer, cohesion, and residing presence personalises and concretises the Jesuit character in a relational way.  JWL sees the role of Jesuit Provincials and Jesuit Conferences as incarnating, supporting, and animating JWL’s mission by making possible the assignment of Jesuits and by assuming local ownership/sponsorship of this higher education apostolate that seeks to transform the lives of those at the “margins” through learning.

If your organisation or foundation is interested in joining JWL's global alliance of collaborating partners, please reach out to Armando Borja, Chief Operations Officer.

If your university or institute of higher learning is interested in supporting any of JWL's academic programmes, please contact Dr Stefan Hengst SJ, Executive Vice-President.