How far (or high) would you go to hand in an assignment?

The nearest JWL learning centre is about 20 km away from my home. The region is mountainous and it takes about 3 hours’ walk to reach the learning centre. My name is Tamana; I’m one of the Diploma students from Daikundi, Afghanistan. I live in a remote village called Seyadara in Ashterlay District. I studied the first two courses in Bamyan and after that I moved to my home village.

I have the course content downloaded on my laptop and I study from home. When I have to post my assignments, I go to a small mountain and get connected to [the] internet using mobile data. Sometimes the internet works well and those times I watch the videos and also download some course-related materials, or take the screenshots and at home I read them and work on my assignments. Though it’s spring there is still a lot of snow and at other times it rains and is often windy. I’m happy that I can still continue with my studies despite the lockdown announced by the government.