Shihab, from Sudan, is currently a Diploma student in Amman, Jordan. Before joining the programme in 2018, he studied English, psychosocial case management, and volunteered with a number of NGOs.

The Social Work concentration is of particular interest to him, as this is the field in which he wishes to advance in. Traveling and completing his studies are on the agenda and then working for an NGO, helping his community, refugees, the poor, as well as work to reduce violence. Shihab hopes that his community will one day be free of wars, poverty, corruption, and violence.

Interpersonal Communication has been his favourite course thus far because it “leads us to understand others” and also communicate in a “polite way,” he told us. One of the most challenging but also best parts of the programme has been interacting with peers from different communities, as this has opened up opportunities to practise respect for their “experiences, knowledge, culture religion,” to cooperate and support each other.

Feeling like an overall better communicator, with newly-acquired skills for online studies, Shihab finds his studies with JWL to be “a gold opportunity.”