Grace is a Rwandan refugee living in Kakuma Refugee Camp, in Kenya.

Grace became curious about Jesuit Worldwide Learning when she noticed alumni of the programming behaving differently in her community.“They became role models to me. The way they communicated with others in the community was very different. They respected themselves and other people too. This really attracted me to know more about what they studied at JWL.”

Grace noticed these alumni were making positive impacts on their communities and even gaining scholarships from local universities. She also noticed JWL encouraged women to seek out a future with higher education. With these observations, she decided to apply for JWL.

Grace is currently enrolled as a diploma student for JWL. She is involved with her studies and also serves her community as a Child Development worker for the Lutheran World Foundation. Grace presented UNESCO’s 2017 Mobile Learning Week, where she shared her perspective of being a displaced mobile-learner.