Student Stories





Roland Kalamo

Roland Kalamo is currently a JWL Liberal Studies diploma student at Kakuma refugee camp located in Kenya. Yet, he has already started implementing the knowledge he has gained in the program back into his community.

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Grace Muvynyi Nshimiyumukiza

Grace Muvynyi Nshimiyumukiza is a 21-year-old Rwandan refugee living in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Grace became curious about Jesuit Worldwide Learning when she noticed alumni of the programming behaving differently in her community.

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Galdo Dente Moding

Galdo Dente Moding fled his native South Sudan due to civil strife and persecution. He has been living in Kakuma, Kenya, since end of 2004.  In 2015, he was able to start the JWL Community and Development Business course and went on to complete the Primary Teacher Training course. His journey continues, as he has now embarked on the JWL Diploma programme which he is due to complete in 2020.

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