Student Stories

“I hope that running the business in my community will be a good opportunity for me and the villagers to develop our village as a sustainable tourist destination,” says Oayporn, who is currently studying on the JWL Ecotourism course in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

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San Htoi

“Foremost, my dream is to bring peace to my conflicted society…” says San Htoi, from Myanmar. She recently began the Peace Leader professional certificate programme, in order to gain the necessary to play an active part in fostering peace in her community. 

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The day may seem never-ending for some in these times of confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic but for Innocent and his staff at GLAP (God Loves All People) Enterprises, there aren’t enough hours in a day. They are stepping up production of soap to be made available in Kakuma Refugee Camp and throughout Turkana West (Kenya).

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The region is mountainous and it takes around three hours' walk to get to the nearest learning centre - 20 km away. Find out more about Tamanna and the lengths (or heights) she goes to in order to hand in her assignments.

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Since graduating from the Diploma, Joseph completed an Associate’s Degree and moved on to study towards a full degree in Public Administration, from Southern New Hampshire University (USA). This educational journey has thus far forged him into a more organised, critical-thinking and attentive person, with the necessary knowledge for success. After the degree, his eyes will be set on an MBA.


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Am I resourceful to my family, community and country? Is this level of education really helpful enough for me to reach my goals and dreams?

These are some of the questions Zamzam asked herself once she completed secondary school and in doing so. Originally from Somalia, she has been in Kakuma Refugee Camp since she was seven years old. It became clear that in order to be of assistance to those around her, she would need to pursue higher education.

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Shihab, from Sudan, is currently a Diploma student in Amman, Jordan. Before joining the programme in 2018, he studied English, psychosocial case management, and volunteered with a number of NGOs.

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Roland Kalamo is currently a JWL Liberal Studies diploma student at Kakuma refugee camp located in Kenya. Yet, he has already started implementing the knowledge he has gained in the program back into his community.

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Grace Muvynyi is a Rwandan refugee living in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Grace became curious about Jesuit Worldwide Learning when she noticed alumni of the programming behaving differently in her community.

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Galdo fled his native South Sudan due to civil strife and persecution. He has been living in Kakuma, Kenya, since end of 2004.  In 2015, he was able to start the JWL Community and Development Business course and went on to complete the Primary Teacher Training course. His journey continues, as he has now embarked on the JWL Diploma programme which he is due to complete in 2020.

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