Shaker began the our Peace Leader programme at Domiz Camp in summer 2018 but has been a change-maker and involved in peace-fostering initiatives for some time. A Syrian Kurdish refugee, he believes that “people in the Middle East, they no longer want war in the region” and that youths are longing to return and rebuild the community.

As Project Manager for Youth Speak (and international NGO that works with youths in conflict-affected areas), he supports youths through the create of peacebuilding projects that engage them, such as book-exchange events, books clubs, different peace-building activities, and interviews persons that are actively engaged in the community, among others. Shaker is also a trainer at Y-Peer Education Network, which focuses on strengthening peer-to-peer education in the field of adolescent sexual and reproductive health.

The Peace Leader professional certificate course is allowing him to build upon and cement the knowledge he has acquired over time, as well as allows for in-depth discussions about relevant topics an consider different points of view. “Be the change that you want to see in the world,” is one of the most important things has learned through Peace Leader and other similar experiences. “I’m always improving my skills, so the best way to start is controlling yourself,” says Shaker, adding that “this course helped me to control myself more in madness, so that leads me to listen to all my teammates…”


What next, after Peace Leader? Shaker plans to continue to serve his community through his work with Youth Speak and Y-Peer. His dream is to studying International Relations, in order to someday become an diplomat. “I believe I can change and I can make the world better.”