Unlocking potential, sharpening minds

“Education enlightens. Education frees. Education restores hope,”  says Peter, who has been living in Dzaleka Refugee camp, Malawi, for the past ten years. The conflict that has been plaguing the Democratic Republic of Congo claimed his family. He applied for the Diploma programme because he wanted to serve his community but found he did not possess the necessary knowledge and skills to do this.  Now a graduate of the programme, he finds it enabled him to understand himself and “enter the world of heroes and servants.”

Business was his chosen concentration for the Diploma, as “business minds see opportunities where other can’t,” and this will help achieve the impact he aspires to.  The programme, he feels, prepared him to taken on the next challenge – completing a Bachelor’s degree in Management (majoring in Logistics and Operations) with Southern New Hampshire University.

“Many of my fellow refugees in the camp are living in darkness, chains, despair.” Being the JWL Dzaleka Learning Facilitator for the Diploma programme allows him to share his experience with students, “shed light on their minds, help them break their chains, and restore their hope for a brighter future.”

“I enjoy unlocking potentials of the people who do not even understand and realise how important they are to their community. I am happy that I am sharpening their minds.”