Mohammad Neman

A few lines of my life

When I recount, I had to overcome many challenges in my pursuit to have a liberal and academic life. Years ago, my daily life activities were summed up in only meeting the daily needs, and the days were all alike, repeated one after another. In spite of having ups and downs in life, as an Afghan, I was inspired by the statement which said “an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty, a pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity’’. I was holding a firm belief in a brighter future full of golden opportunities.

I had a tough childhood; I worked as a carpet weaving apprentice for many years. I remember working almost 18 hours a day to only earn 30 rupees in a week to help cover the expenses of both myself and a bit of my family’s. However, almost always, I was thinking of going to school and have the ability of reading and writing, but because of financial problem and the apprentice work I was deprived of the opportunity to go to school. Only when I turned 13, I got the chance of going to school. I remember that I didn’t do well for the first three years, but because of the tough experience I had in carpet weaving and the aspiration of becoming an educated person, I started to work and study hard. Even from those early years of my life, I had big ideas in my mind, that is, to do research, to keep good company, to make wise decisions, to be able to think big, to have a higher aim in life. I believed that “where there is a willing, there is always a way which is awaiting us’’. But sometimes, these beliefs would fade away due to conflicts, chaos and all the horrible circumstances encircling my country. Yet, my consistency and firmness in those big dreams opened unexpected doors of great opportunities. 



When I was in grade nine, I was introduced to JRS programs at HTI (Herat Technical Institute). Without hesitation, I started studying in one of the JRS (EFL) English as a Foreign Language classes called Q-Skills-Intro. After almost a week, I realized that these classes are the right place for me and will help me to learn, I said to myself “I hit the nail on the head”. I spent years of studying and my thirst to learn more wouldn’t quench. In JRS I had the opportunity to have access to quality education. I learned diverse and profound subjects and issues. The JWL Online Diploma in Liberal Studies has had a special impact on me; it has helped me to better understand concepts like what is it to be a human being and its deeper meaning. The Diploma papers like ethics, sociology, inter-personal communication, transformed my thoughts, feelings, and perspectives on the world around me. It helped me to have a different and better version of me with a more profound perception of humanity, societies, and moral issues surrounding us.

Later on, JWL gave me the opportunity to teach what I have learned to the people of my community. It helped me to transfer my thoughts and values. Teaching, once a great dream to me, came true. From teaching I learnt a lot, a great deal of moral, social, and personal issues; I realized that dedication to a great cause like that of teaching is an honor and a privilege. I changed a lot of my previous conventional mind-set and I became more open-minded. It helped me to become person who has big dreams, universal ideas, wiser thoughts and working for a greater good. I internalized the very concept of JWL - “Transform Thinking, Transform the World”.

To be in the service of my fellow human beings is now a value for me. For me, the entire humanity is just like a powerful chain in which every single human being is as important as that of a single chain which helps to sustain the whole chain together. My part in this strong chain of humanity would be to have sympathy, empathy, cooperation, and peaceful coexistence. I want to serve my community and to be as a social change agent. I do believe these aspirations and goals need a higher education and insight; therefore, I plan to continue my higher education abroad and return to my country with a PHD degree.

Many blessing to you


Mohammad Neman Karimi

Afghanistan, Herat Technical Institute