Meet some of our professors

Dr. Ami McNally
Professor of Academic Writing, Religions of the World 

Dr. Ami McNally's roots in education began at the primary and secondary level in both the private and public sectors. After obtaining her doctorate in Child, Youth, Human Development and Family Studies in 2000, she moved into college instruction. She has been an Adjunct Teacher Education Professor for Regis University for the past 16 years, teaching undergraduate and graduate campus-based and online Teacher-Education courses. She joined JWL in 2016 as Lead Faculty for Academic Writing and Religions of the World. 
She say of her experience: "When I first started working with JWL, I felt like God was calling me to help my fellow men whom had fallen on hard times. Little did I know how much they, in turn, would help me. These students and this program have deepened my awareness of the goings-on in war-torn countries and shown me what pushing through even the most difficult of times really looks like. Their stories touch me. Their grit inspires me. And, their dreams for themselves and their families have become my own.”

Larry A. Varys

Professor Varys came to JWL with a rich background in economics. He is an Adjunct Faculty in Economics and Finance at Regis University. He also serves as an International Development Consultant for the Tearfund, "a Christian charity passionate about ending poverty". With this passion for humanity he forged a path with JWL. Today, Professor Varys is JWL’s Lead Faculty in Microeconomics.

He says of his experience: “I was able to link the Jesuit value of understanding new and different cultures with that of teaching and was wonderfully blessed to learn so much about assimilation of economics and choice within cultures.  The students were wonderfully transparent and vulnerable to their experiences and JWL has done a tremendous job in moving students into the program at communication levels that can enable this interchange of ideas and concepts.”