Tech Support

Front view of laptop computer with JWL Blackboard login

System Support

The primary mission of Systems Support is to keep JWL operational by accompanying staff, faculty, and students across the organization.
Staff, faculty, and students have access to the services provided by the Systems Support Help Desk. The Help Desk uses a triage method to address issues coming in from across the JWL network; when a new help desk request comes into our system we
1. identify the issue, and then either
2. resolve the issue directly, or
3. connect the involved parties with the resources needed to resolve the issue.
Services provided by the Systems Support Help Desk include but are not limited to:
• Blackboard (LMS) support
• Password and NetID account support
Course Materials support
General Academic support
IT support
Curriculum Design & Production support
If you know what your technical issue is, and you would like to create and submit a Help Desk ticket, please visit
Contact information:


U.S. tel: +1 304-975-1936