Education Project Detail

Dzaleka, Malawi


In local partnership with the Jesuit Refugee Service in Southern Africa, an international Catholic organization sponsored by the Society of Jesus that supports the redevelopment of war-torn communities in the area, Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) supports the learning center in Dzaleka, Malawi. Originally established in response to the conflict in Mozambique, Dzaleka has now existed for over 20 years. The camp now supports approximately 28,000 refugees fleeing various conflicts in the Great Lakes Region southern and eastern Africa, mostly from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

JWL students in Dzaleka attend the Arrupe Learning Center. The project is designed to offer free, high-quality tertiary education by bridging the gap between global universities and marginalized communities. By doing so, JWL seeks to foster grassroots community development and provide a route for human dignity to otherwise neglected populations. In 2010, Dzaleka was chosen as one of three international sites for JWL, formerly known as Jesuit Commons, Higher Education at the Margins (JC-HEM), along with Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya and Amman, Jordan. The project has not only been implemented successfully but is proving to be a valuable resource for the other JRS and partner projects. Graduates are frequently found to be the primary practitioners of grassroots social services and community development activities in camp; many long-term interventions come directly from students’ community projects.

JWL students work on their assignments in the Arrupe Learning Centre computer lab

The Arrupe Learning Centre has, therefore, become a community hub where educated and motivated refugees can join together, learn from the available resources, and find creative solutions to real community problems. It also serves as a center for peaceful integration between populations and as a beacon of hope for those seeking to continue journeys of personal development despite the obstacles of refugee life. The primary educational program designed by JWL is the Diploma in Liberal Studies. This intensive three-year degree program is delivered entirely through online distance learning and awarded by Regis University (Colorado, USA). Other programs include the Community Courses, formerly known as Community Service Learning Tracks (CSLTs), which are locally developed competency-building courses on topics of interest and benefit to the community.



These images feature several of the Malawi Site Students, where we work and the people that make it all possible.

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