Education Project Detail

Guéréda and Goz Beïda, Chad


In local partnership with the Jesuit Refugee Service in West Africa, an international Catholic organization sponsored by the Society of Jesus that supports the redevelopment of war-torn communities in the area, Jesuit Worldwide Learning supports two learning centers located in Chad: Goz Beïda and Guéréda.

kounougou_refugee_052Initially, in Guéréda, students struggled to find ways of traveling to the learning center given how expensive it was to move around the area without a car or any personal mean of transportation. Because of this issue the Arrupe Center was created in Kounoungou which is approximately 30 minutes away from Guéréda. This site has the particularity of being surrounded by wadis (rivers) and sometimes, especially during the raining season, neither the staff nor the students are able to reach the camp. In Goz Beïda they do not have to deal with transportation or wadis problems because the center in the camp is located about 10/15 minutes in walking distance from the basecamp. Both sites offer Community Courses formerly known as CSLTs that include English, French, and Information Communication Technology.


These images feature several of the Chad Site Students, where we work and the people that make it all possible.

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