Education Project Detail

Amman, Jordan


In local partnership with the Jesuit Refugee Service in the Middle East and North Africa region, an international Catholic organization sponsored by the Society of Jesus that supports the redevelopment of war-torn communities in the area, Jesuit Worldwide Learning supports the learning center located in Amman, Jordan. After the conflict in Syria escalated and the site in Aleppo had to be closed, many refugees had to relocate in other camps. The site in Amman now hosts many of those who had to leave Aleppo. Ashrafiyeh, the principal site of JRS activities for non-formal education, and the site for JWL, is a Greek-catholic school to which JRS has access from 1pm to 7pm, 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday). Eleven buses collect the refugees throughout the city to reach the school by 3pm. Courses start at 3:15pm and finish at 6pm. The buses then return the refugees to their living places. Courses are organized as a package (English, computer, conversation class for all). More than 350 students attend the classes every day. Two classes for children (Kindergarten) are also organized every day.

In Ashrafiyeh school, JRS has access to sixteen classrooms, including 3 computer labs, in a three-story building. JRS has also the use of the recreational playground. JRS does not pay rent for the usage of the space however there is an unofficial verbal agreement that JRS assists with maintenance of the school, electricity, water bills, and installation of other amenities such as computers, chairs, fans, and other basic amenities.. JRS equipped the computer labs (about 12 computers each for the two main labs, and a smaller one with 8 computers) and maintains them. The classroom equipment is used by JRS in the afternoon/evening and by the school pupils in the morning.


These images feature several of the Jordan Site Students, where we work and the people that make it all possible.

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